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Monday, December 20, 2004

Super Friends Team Update for December 2004

Super Friends has struggled along the last month under the weight of timeout losses, and I've been a largely absent captain with travel, wisdom teeth being pulled, and big changes in my working life. But I believe we're back on track, headed toward future successes and the very real possibility of working our way back into the top-100 teams here at GameKnot. Here's a quick update on what's happening with the team and what you can look for in the near future:

Team Rating — In spite of ups and downs over the last two weeks, we've climbed more than 30 points from a record low of 1138 on Thursday, Dec. 16. There's nowhere to go from here but up.

Old Accounts — Any team member, who has not visited the GameKnot site in 25 or more days, has been removed from the team. This cuts the team down to a more-manageable 29 team members (from the previous 35).

Restricted Accounts — Quite a few of you remain unable to take on new team matches because of restrictions placed on your accounts by the site. Several of you have discussed starting new accounts, and purchasing a membership is always an option for restoring full access. Leaving GameKnot is also a choice that some others, in your same situation, have already made. Whatever you decide, please keep me updated by e-mail at If you decide to leave the site or start a new account, I will remove your present team membership to make it easier for me to keep up on recordkeeping. (I hope, however, that you all figure out some way to stay.)


Blogger puppy_king said...

well I probably won't be able to play for a while. I am interested in buying a membership,but not at the moment. I am still interested in the team and how it is going, so if you want to keep me on the team it would be most apreciated.

3:46 PM  
Blogger 1987dodge said...

Don't worry. We're not kicking anybody off the team unless it looks like they've abandoned the site, and in most cases, I try to contact players by e-mail first.

11:34 PM  

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